How to Choose the Best Complete Skin Care Routine

We all want the same thing: to look young and feel energetic. Thousands of studies from Cosmopolitan to Vogue all support that these two are closely interlinked. If you want to enter 2018 with the goal to take 10+ years off your face and feel as vibrant as you did over a decade ago, engaging a regular skin care routine is vital to how you will look and feel.

In a 2017 interview with celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, he said the top 2018 beauty trend will be “beautiful natural skin”. He went on to say that “We will be seeing a lot less caked on foundation and more focus on embracing your natural features.”

This means that healthy skin is at the top of the priority stack when it comes to beauty trends in 2018, and with the right routine you can achieve all your beauty goals while living the new year having succeeded in goals that many others strive to target.

What is the Perfect Skin Care Regiment?

The perfect skin care regiment is a complete one. This means you need to engage every essential step: cleanse, correct, hydrate and protect. The first thing you need to do before selecting your skin care products is to identify your skin type and skin problems. If you have hyperpigmentation, uneven skin textures, or dark circles around your eyes you will need to take all of these into account before choosing the ideal products. Finally, avoid run-of-the-mill drug store commonalities; instead buy high-quality skin care products backed by science for unique skin types.

Skin Care Cleansing Products

Using the right cleanser is paramount to your skin care routine. It isn’t so much that a good cleanser is going to help you achieve your beauty goals. The real thing to consider is that the wrong one can create unwanted skin conditions and give you yet another thing to try to correct. Choose a cleanser that is alcohol-free. If your cleanser is too stripping it can cause dry, sensitized and irritated skin. Look for soap-free gentle cleansers with gluconolactone and other soothing ingredients like aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sage, clover, bergamot and other known ingredients that naturally clean skin.

Correcting Skin Concerns

When selecting products that correct skin concerns look for products rich in peptides–molecules that mimic naturally occuring amino acids in the body. These peptides are paramount to correcting skin problems because they replicate processes in our bodies that have been damaged, slowed or stopped like collagen production or overproduction of melanin. Dermatologists and product researchers favor these peptides because they deliver clinical results.

Hydration and Protection for Your Skin

Finding a product that hydrates and protect your skin from potential skin care issues means purchasing a multi-functional skin care treatment product that revitalizes the skin’s health. Look for moisturizing products that also function as a daily antioxidant that soothes, smooths, shields and improves skin tone and texture.

Once you find the right hydration and protection product for your skin type, pair it with your correction and cleansing products and you will have the best fully complete skin care routine that will help you look younger and have you feeling amazing.